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What do we do?

Dedicated CRM and ERP systems

We will improve your customer management. We will create integrations with external tools. Likewise, we will implement the automation of activities performed by your employees.

Online shops

We will prepare your dream shop for you. Not only that, but we will also integrate your shop with the wholesale company. We will improve order management. We will make the purchasing process easier and more attractive for your customers!


Would you like to create a website that will compete with big companies? Maybe you have an original idea that will help you to conquer the market? Thanks to our experience, we will create a website which will serve millions of users!

Server maintenance

We take care of server migrations. We will help you optimise your existing servers. Furthermore, we will introduce deployment processes, or standardise development and production environments.

Our projects

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Internetowa gieĊ‚da rolna i towarowa

Our company handled the modernization of the website for sp. z o.o., which is the owner of the largest agricultural exchange in Poland, with millions of views per month. In addition to the modernization of the visual side, we implemented new functions such as online payments, the module of refreshing adverts and automatic generation of invoices. The biggest challenge was to optimise the application , which had efficiency problems. Thanks to our efforts, which included improvements to the application, database and server configuration, the server load does not exceed 20%.

php laravel

Our backend team, was responsible for creating a REST API , which the frontend team of, could use to create a fully functional portal. The application provides about 50 endpoints with different levels of access. They make it possible, among other things, to: personalise business cards and pages, buy premium subscriptions, manage users or use an advanced search engine to browse specialists. The application has been secured against all attacks that web applications may face.

php laravel vue.js


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Wordpress appeals to investors with its low implementation costs and quickness, but are these really the most important aspects when creating a website? The choice of technology is a fundamental decision at the beginning of the software development process and it cannot be easily reversed when we are approaching the end. That is why it is worth consulting specialists, who will analyse the business needs and potential risks, as well as advise the customer on the optimal technology.